New to OSM


I am new to OSM. :slight_smile:
When I tried to add any feature on OSM it is not viewable instantly. Can you please let me know the time span for this to happen. Also, I added couple of features few days ago. Later, I realized that these are already marked on OSM but these listings are still view able in my profile and are stated that they have gone live on OSM. When search with that particular name of the feature I could find only one result, that is of the already existing feature. Is there any type of combination of data happening? Any info would be helpful


To answer your question, it can vary.
For the default map on (known as Mapnik), it usually updates within a few minutes or hours. Though it may sometimes be a bit slower if its busy.
For something like OpenCycleMap, it can take a bit longer, possibly a few days or so.

If the map is not updating for you, its possible that you are viewing a cached copy of it. Using Shift+Refresh in your browser might help.

For searching, that is a separate service from the map. The main search service is Nominatim, if you go to this page it has the date for the data it is using: It currently says โ€œData: 2011/12/07โ€, so it wonโ€™t find anything newer than that.

Welcome aboard. I see that you are new here and have a few questions about it. Personally, it should be fine after about a couple of minutes and that should update on its own. There are a few differences with Cycle as that would tend to run and get updated every few days in interval. As stated, if not updating properly on its own, you should likely consider hitting the refresh to make it all work properly again.