New to OSM

In the summers of 2007-2008 I spent some time hiking in Switzerland (mainly in theValais) and collected many tracklogs. I have just discovered OSM, and would like to upload most of them. Today I uploaded three, they are here. I would very much appreciate comments and advice before I start uploading and editing the rest!

If you reply in French I can understand it, if in German I will see what Google Translate does (usually not a very good job :)).


Any help in the alps is very welcome! I see you already started to convert your tracks to OSM-Highways, and so far it looks quite fine to me.

Just two comments:

  • highway=track is for wider ways that are usuable for vehicles like tractors or 4x4 (e.g. Jeep)

  • highway=path is for narrower ways that are only used by hikers and mountainbikers

If you don’t remember, I would recommend to tag it as a highway=path

Some of your ways are not connected to each other.

  • To end a way “on” another way, you have to move your pointer near the second way. If the nodes turn blue, you’re near enough and you can click - the new way is connected on the old one.

  • To start a way “on” an other way, you have to select the old way first.

  • If there is already a node where your new way starts, press “shift” and click on the node to start a new way

  • Otherwise press shift and klick on the way where you want your new way to start - a new node on the way is created. Proceed as above. :slight_smile:

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Have a look at Lonvias Hiking Map, it’s a map for the hiking network in Switzerland (and worldwide):

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Greetings from Switzerland,