new to osm, need to learn drawing line (vector) using manual algorithm

hey all!
i’m new to osm. i was trying to learn if i can add markers and draw line according to manually input algorithms.

to explain,
i’ll input multiple points using input field, outside the map and according to that i want lines to be drawn on the map. is it possible? please guide me.

thank you in advance.

OSM is a database of geographical information. It is not a “drawing” program. There are editors that let you add and edit the information in the database, but I have the impression you are looking for something else. Something like Leaflet or OpenLayers. Both are JavaScript libraries that allow you to display map tiles and any information on top of it that you can add via a JavaScript program.

You will have to look into such a library and combine that with your own code to convert the user input into lines on top of the displayed map.