new to open street maps - need clarification about several things

I’ve taken a look through the forum and used the search function but didn’t find answers to the below noted questions. Any help would be appreciated:

I’ve added about 6 poi to my local area and don’t want to do any more before making sure that what I’m doing works properly. Questions:

  1. several poi’s are in “mini malls” with the same street address but different unit numbers. Eg. unit 1 - 123 Main Street, unit 2 - 123 Main St. So far I’ve entered the address as “1-123 Main Street” (no quotes) etc. Is that ok or would it be better to enter them without the unit number - I’m concerned it may cause problems with address searches in future?

  2. There are new shops in another new mini mall nearby - the arial photos show the old scene - a couple of old houses and vacant land. How often are these updated? Also would it be ok to add points of interest to that area or should one wait till the new arial photos show the scene as it is now? If it helps the area is in Kelowna, B.C. Canada.

Thanks in advance,


An option would be to use the key “addr:unit” for the unit number. Like other less frequently used addr* keys, it is recent addition, so it doesn’t show in Potlatch 2 in the address dialog. But you can enter it already using “advanced mode” (the switch is on the bottom of the address dialog) like this:

addr:street = Main Street
addr:housenumber = 123
addr:unit = 1

Writing “-” is problematic because it is used for address ranges elsewhere (e.g. 5-9 if a house contains addresses from 5 to 9) and could therefore be misinterpreted.

Don’t allow yourself to be held back by the old images. We cannot usually influence or predict when the background imagery will update, and local knowledge always takes priority over imagery!


Thanks very much for the information. I’ll likely have more questions but that allows me to continue to add poi for now.