New Tag

In the UK we have certain streets which only disabled persons with a disabled badge can access. The disabled badge is known as a Blue badge.

In the access section there’s no tag to define this, but I’m new to OSM. Should I propose the tag on the wiki, how do I ensure it renders on the main map using the osmarended version.

Thanks in advance Karl

Regarding the openstreetmap projects there are always a large variety of options:

I guess you can contact the osmarender project to ask if they want it to be rendered on the map. You might also contact openstreetbrowser maybe to ask if they can render it on the map (it already renders bus routes on the fly in some sort of way)

There are probably more options, and I don’t know if these I recommended are the best ones.

Of course, before you start contacting renderer developers, I strongly recommend creating a proposal on the wiki. If people like and actually use it, the renderers will notice sooner or later (if they don’t, you can then try to speed things up by contacting someone, but “please render this tag no one is using” doesn’t sound like a good strategy). As long as there is not even documentation for your tag, how should people use it?

Do you already have a concept what your tagging would look like?

Should probably be in the “access” key.

access=disabled or access=bluebadge?