New subdivision

I moved into a new subdivision that shows up on very few maps and not at all on gps. I thought I’d submit it here but notice that someone else did awhile ago. It must have been submitted before it was completed since the roads are greed and have marks on them. The roads are now finished and I’d like to find out if anything can be done to indicate they are working roads (turn them white).

You can do it yourself, you can replace the highway=construction; construction=X tags with highway=

Making the change yourself is the best option. If that is not possible, add a map note, however, depending on how many people are mapping in your area, a map note can take a very long time to get actioned.

I don’t, however, understand “not at all on gps”. The only circumstances under which an area will not appear on GPS is if there is an inadequate view (at microwave frequencies) of the sky, there is a GPS jammer operating nearby, or it is not on or near the surface of planet Earth. GPS only provides position and time, it does not provide any maps. GPS navigation devices uses maps obtained from other sources, and combine them with the position from GPS.