New Software not crawled by the bot


I added a new software in the Symbian category, but the bot doesn’t catch it for the Symbian tables. Also changes to other software is not reflected in the table. Is the bot deactivated?


The Bot is operated by Tordanik, who is active in the german forum, but I’m don’t know if he reads here. If he doesn’t reply you could write a message to him.

As you can see here:

the bot stopped in January 2013, but I don’t know any reason why. Maybe in the OSM wiki is more info hidden?

Yes, I read the Wiki team forum.

Unfortunately, there was a MediaWiki update that broke the bot - the JWBF library which I use to access the OpenStreetMap wiki is strongly dependent on the version number of the MediaWiki installation. My initial attempts to fix the problem failed due to compatibility issues with more recent versions of that library. As I was busy writing my Master’s thesis at the time, I put fixing the bug off again and again. And now it’s months later and the bot still doesn’t work. :frowning: I’m really sorry for that.

I guess I should dedicate this weekend to fixing my projects’ urgent issues. Let’s see whether I can’t make the bot run again.

A weekend! Wow, thats dedication … thanks a lot for the answers and for your effort!

Good news: The bot works again. I’ve had it run once today in order to catch up with the edits of the last few months, and it will resume its regular schedule tomorrow.

For those who are interested in the background: The main issue was a failure to compile the bot’s Scala code if the required classes from a .jar dependency made use of annotations. I ended up manually removing all problematic annotations, but obviously that’s just a workaround - I wonder why that issue exists in the first place.
Besides that, I did a lot of upgrades of various libraries, exchanged deprecated functions with their more modern counterparts and so on, but that was mostly to exclude these factors as potential reasons for the problem.

Just saw it. Great! Thanks a lot!

Thank you Tordanik :slight_smile:

Hello Tordanik,

TTT-Bot has stopped again in October 2014 ???