New POI Category


I’m going to create a new website for a local association of the Technical Relief organization from Germany.
Now I have embed a osm-map over the export-function. I have edited the map, so there is now the address. But I can’t find a poi ‘THW’, only for ‘Feuerwehr’.
How can I create it, or would somebody do it for me? I can make the images.


Simon L.

P.S.: sorry for my bad English, I’m a student from Germany :slight_smile:

When creating a website it’s perhaps better to handle the important information (THW locations) in a different way. Have a look into the description at

The example at could be a good starting point.


hi simon,

geht doch mal ins deutsche unter-forum, da ist es etwas einfacher - obwohl du da relativ wening englisch lernen wirst.