New path - does not propagate in other OSM maps - is the edit OK?

Hello guys!

I just did my first edit: - a missing path in a mountain.
I did it last week and I see that id does not appear on other maps using OSM - let say

Is there something wrong with my edit or there is the usual delay?


Most likely you haven’t waited long enough. Only the standard layer updates within about two hours. The other layers on the main site can take the best part of a week, and other third party layers could easily take much longer. It depends on how much processing power people are prepared to put into re-rendering tiles.

Thanks for the reply. You were right - the path is starting to appear on other services.
I think there is a problem tough - it is not “routable”. Let me explain - I want to create a route in movescount or garmin connect (both are web based software applications foe Suunto and Garmin watches) but neither of them appears to “know” the path is there. I think there is something wrong with the path but I do not what (I am thinking I did not connect it properly with other tracks?)

It appears not to be connected to the path junction at the Southern end.

Hello There, your path is not routable because it is not connected to the other path at the south end. The routers cannot determine a way from your path onto the other path to the south and will therefore determine your path as a dead-end or cul-de-sac.
I can if you wish easily connect the paths.

Sorry I did not notice SK53’s reply.

Please connect it! Thank you!
Is there an easy explanation on how to do it?

Hello Doadrian,

maybe you can get a bit more familiar with OSM editing via

Or see the OSM wiki about its “Beginner’s Guide”

Hello Doadrian,

The path is joined to the second path at the south, I found one single untagged node (of yours) and removed it.

If you intend to do a lot of mapping then JOSM (IMHO) is the best editor to use. Takes a while to learn but tasks like this are simple, place the end node on or very close to the second way, press j to join them. If it’s a little bit away the node will be moved and joined to the new way.