New Orleans Administrative Center Label Incorrect

I’ve noticed at lower zoom levels (12 - 7) the label for the city of New Orleans shows up as Pan American Life Building. The correct city label doesn’t show up until the zoom level is 13 or higher.

For example when I view New Orleans at zoom level 7 the city label shows up as Pan American Life Building

But when I zoom into level 13 the city label reads correctly

Is this just me? Or is there an overlap problem with the Administrative Center feature overlapping with the Pan American Life Building feature. I suspect this is the issue since I don’t see the normal level of detail for the building at 601 Poydres Av which is the Pan Am Life Building.

What’s the best way to fix it. Would it be best to slide the New Orleans Admnistrative Center feature over to the left a bit or is it a rendering issue in how the map tiles were made?

It’s fixed already in this changeset: . The old tiles that you see will get rerendered eventually. See also the discussion on .