New North America coverage of Osmose QA

From the mailing lists…


Osmose QA is a Quality Assurance tool. It detects and reports errors based on more than 200 rulesets.

We are glad to announce the new North American coverage of Osmose QA. After Africa and Antarctica, America is the last fully covered continent.
This is possible because of interest of MapBox on data quality and their sponsorship of Osmose QA project through OpenStreetMap-France with € 2.000 donation. This allowed us to rent a new server for a couple of years to run the North America analysis.

After the new active areas are in place, we checked the results and adjusted the analysers according to local mapping usages. Nevertheless we are still open to comments (and code) to improve the quality of errors detection.

Setting up quality analyser in a new area always come up with lot of errors detected - and some errors coming from noisy imports. Do not discourage yourself by the quantity of errors. In Osmose QA you can filter errors by severity, categories, topics and so on. You can look up at errors on objects where your are the last editor. You can also show errors list, exports and graph over time.

We plan to rent a second server and try to finish Europe coverage. Then it will miss large part of Asia and Oceania to cover the world.
Donations are welcome to extend Osmose QA coverage on the last missing continents.

The Osmose QA team.