New natural=* tags for mountain areas?

I try to draw some areas in Nepal usign Bing pictures.
Sometimes I believe, existing natural=* values are not enough for more exactly description in mountains.

Only one example: there are rivers with riverbed filled with small stones.
should we use natural=scree or better introduce for this areas a new description?

There are no tags for things like:


Do you have more suggestions or ideas?

Would not landuse = farm be appropriate for terrace farming and maybe we could add something like terrace = yes. Most of these land pockets usually have rice, wheat, maize or paddy. This type of terrace farming is also done in mountain region of China.

I don’t have idea about the Couloir though.

Some friends says:


If somebody is really crazy mapper, the lines tagged as:
barrier=retaining_wall could be used as well. Don´t forget: in the drawing direction of the line right is down left side is terrain higher.

Hi Marek & fellow Nepal mappers,

We have a tag which is now rendered natural=shingle ( which should be used for rivers. The rendering is the same as for natural scree, but it is very useful to keep the distinction.

Using natural=ridge to delineate ridge lines of hills and mountains is quite useful, and this is rendered on OpenMapSurfer, for instance here in the Annapurna Himal.

Receding glaciers create a number of natural features which dont have obvious tags (outwash plains, former glacier beds), but prominent lateral moraines can be mapped with natural=moraine or geological=moraine.

For remote mappers any photographs of rural areas which can assist in interpreting aerial images are extremely helpful: villages, farmland for crops, roads, paths, forests. Just a couple of pictures can often really make the difference between guesswork and putting in place a baseline map.

Best wishes,


Thanks Jerry!