new marine style verstaerker-oseam


please find a new marine style and a gmapsupp.img image (Northern Germany and Denmark) for testing at:

This is the area covered by the test image:

Almost all extended marine types assigned to osm tags:

  • obstacles (obstacles, rocks, wrecks) with depth, depth flag (!!!)
  • height for landmarks, bridges and overhead cables
  • spot depths with correct values
  • (river/ canal) distance marks, which are searchable as „mile markers“ on marine devices
  • navigation lines
  • lights with leading angles, and some hacks for lights with missing colour, rangle or sector information
  • most landmark categories
  • detailed (restricted) area support
  • shoreline constructions (piers, docks, …) with filled areas
  • decent traffic separation schemes - unfortunately still no arrows
  • basic small_craft_facility to gamin facility type implementation

Feedback and suggestions will be highly welcomed.