New mapper

G,Day All , new ,old age pensioner , having problem learning OSM. I recently made my first attempt to alter a NSW Australian map , Summer Hill Road meeting Glendonbrook Road , south west of Gresford ,changeset 53196236 , .What have I done wrong
Regards Paul
PS Looks ok zoomed out but when Zoomed in they don’t connect correctly

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

The data you changed in OSM (the database) is OK. Give the render engine (the map) time to catch-up. Also your changes are right at the edge of a tile do it might be that 1 tile won’t be updated as there are no (data-)changes in this area.


  1. Why is the northern part of Summer Hill Rd ( taged as highway=secondary while the rest is tertiary?
  2. From BING-Aerial-Images this looks like a T-Junction, not a “Y”.