New map downloaded. Where to put it ?


I would like to replace original Garmin maps with OpenStreetMap on my GPS. I downloaded maps from the page (file gmapsupp.img). Where should I put it ? I use GPS with memory card. I would like to delete original maps. What is the name of file I should delete ?


You can either ask or search in the Garmin sub forum on this website,

or read ALL about OSM based Garmin maps ans any clues about your own device in the OSM wiki starting with

or go to and do a search for “garmin” or gmapsupp.img

You need to put the file in the Garmin directory off the root directory. The old map should have the same name. Some Garmin GPSs will only read a map named gmapsupp.img however with a lot of the newer ones you can use any name with an img extension so you could rename it if you have more then 1 map at the same time. You can use the Garmin dir. in memory or if your GPS has a SD card slot you could use it. With a SD card you could have 2 maps with the same name 1 in memory and 1 on the card. If you use a SD card and it doesn’t have a Garmin dir make one.

My Nuvi 360 has a original USA map named gmapbmap.img. Can I use files named gmapsupp.img? I am facing problems using this name maps, not finding cities I am looking for.
Thanks for the help and pacience.

The file gmapbmap.img is the so called basemap. Do you find the OSM map in the list of maps? Is it activated?
I only know the problem that the search for cities also shows results from the basemap, sometimes very far away.

Thanks for the reply. No I do not see OSM map in the list of maps.
Is it normal not to find places of a certain country while abroad of it?
I am in Brazil and have downloaded european countries maps and f.e. in France map I can not find Paris.
Thanks again.