New JOSM user. Need with creating ways and POI


I am a new user of JOSM and using my PowerBook running Leopard.

I am having difficulty understanding how to create a single node (that is POI). I watched on tutorial of JOSM where the user just double clicked (when draw node tool was active) and the node (POI) was created. However, when I double click the node is created but as a move my cursor a line is drawn.

Also when I am creating a way I am unable to end it by double clicking the lat node. When I double click the last node and after that move the cursor the line is still drawn.

Similarly, when I want to create a square and double click the last segment, still when I move the cursor the line follows the screen.

Please help me how to finish the POI, way and square on Mac.

I use JOSM on Windows and the same behavior is there.


Using the keyboard:

  • Type ‘A’ to start drawing mode.
  • Click once on the drawingboard to create a node.
  • Type ‘S’ to start selecting mode. The node will still be selected but no lines are drawn when you move the mouse cursor.
  • Add tags to the node.
  • Click somewhere on an empty spot of the drawing board to deselect the node.

Ok. Thanks. It works for the POI (single nods)

So I can use the same technique for making ways and squares (I mean area)?

Also, is the tagging auto-complete? It appears only the used tags are auto-complete. For new tags I am using the Presets menu. After using Presets however it autocomplete. Is this right behavior?


Drawing a line is similar to the above, except you have to click the drawingboard again for every node of that line once you are in drawing mode. That should be pretty intuitive once you’ve mastered the ‘add POI’ part.

Drawing an area is again similar to drawing a line but you have to make sure you close the area by connecting the ‘front’ of your line to the ‘beginning’ of your line. Just click the first node you placed when you want to close the area.

JOSM also has a new feature to help speedup drawing squares and rectangles:

  • Add a simple line made from two nodes.
  • Choose the ‘Areas’ tool from the toolbox on the left (It’s the option showing a triangle).
  • Left-click and hold the left mouse button on the line.
  • Now move the mouse away from the line while still holding the left mouse button. You will see a rectangle being drawn by JOSM.
  • Release the left mouse button when you’re satisfied with the width of the rectangle.

Thank you very much for the speedy replies :). I appreciate it.

Any input for the comments I made earlier for this"

Oh yes, forgot those…

I guess JOSM does not have predefined key/value combinations for tags if you have a blank drawingboard. But as you download areas and add tags, JOSM will build-up a list of used key/value combinations in the data and uses them for the autocomplete function. So, yes the behaviour you described is correct.

Thanks. You have been a real help.