new Forum ;)


one important info: the first (1-2) posts of a new forum user will be checked by the admins before they will be visible here. this is a manual “spam check” to prevent spamming.

therefore you may think, your post has not been accepted, but that is not true. you need to wait some minutes. after this check, there will be no delay again.


btw: check “Missing Boundaries” in my signature. this may hely you monitoring and fixing the current problems in Iran.

Hi Walter thanks for your welcoming and head up for spam check system…
About the Missing boundaries in iran, we and the snapp team are working on it, I already managed to fix boundaries and relations issues in Karaj and Fardis… Getting solved slowly. :slight_smile:
I have an quick question, is speaking in our native language Farsi/Persian allowed here in this forum?

Yes, you can speak in whatever language you want! :slight_smile:

Sometimes spam checking will last more than minutes, but usually not longer than a day.

تست نوشتار فارسی

تست ترجمه برای فارسی. :wink:

Hi admin, this forum (FLUX BB) dosent support RTL languages. If there is an LTR word in the middle of an RTL language, the whole paragraph will get messed up and reversed. Any solution for this issue?
I know there are back end sultion for this like changing CSS file or other thing but they will apply to whole forum not just to iran sub from. There should be an Plugin or something to replace this editor that I’m currently writing on it and support RTL.

Hi navid,

bad news :frowning:

please post your text in the feedback subforum:


btw: I’m not a forum admin and i can’t fix that.

You need to ask Hakuch, since he’s the right man to talk about forum code - I don’t know it at all.

Hi again,

There are two people which volunteer for moderation on this subforum - Imanmoghimi and Navid:

What do others think about this proposition?

Hi its ok navid and iman are good for this

I agree their moderation too.

Very good. I agree :slight_smile:

I agree.

Hi. i AGREE :slight_smile:

OK, I have appointed both moderators of this forum. Have a nice cooperation here! :slight_smile: