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Hello 3D community,

we have news on our 3D-slippymap to tell. Thanks to new hardware, we were now able to extend coverage to all of Germany. The map is thereby updated at least once a week. Detailed information can still be seen at the about page and the timestamp overlay.

Besides the area extension we have a bunch of new features since our last official release: We are now able to fully process multi polygons, even with multiple outer ways. Furthermore, OSM2World is now able to process coast lines which leads to a nice cost at the baltic and north sea. Thanks to the Hike & Bike map, we have a nice looking overlay, featuring hillshading for Germany which is enabled by default. The site itself got some refreshs, too. We have a search field as well as a direct link to the JOSM remote control.

But see for yourself at

As before, we will also add other areas of interest to the render queue as we have a dedicated server (with still some free ressources) for that. So if you’re playing with 3D and don’t see your region on our map yet don’t hesitate to drop us a mail.

However, we’re not finished yet as there’s still work to do: We didn’t update to the latest version of openlayers yet. We’re also trying to further extend the coastline to get larger parts of the sea.

We wish you happy 3D mapping! For those who still need more inspiration we have gathered some interessting areas where other mappers began to add 3D features: Graz (Austria, 1, 2), Karlsruhe (1, 2), Coburg or Rostock