new contributor, confused about maproulette country tag challenge


I’m quite new to the OSM world and I’d like to contribute more. I’m already contributing with various improvements in my local geographic area, but I also have time to give to do maproulette challenges.

This one seems like an easy one for me to get started:

However I’m confused: I understand that the country tag indicates the country represented by the feature.

If I take this specific challenge item for example, the country tag is filled with information related to the location of the road. Nothing to do with what country is supposed to be.

Is the fix supposed to be to just remove the tag, or is there more to it?

Thank you.

This is a strange case. You should manually re-tag it back to previous ver.

is_in=Ellispondos municipality,Kozani prefecture,Dytiki Makedonia,Greece

I see, many thanks!