New Bing satimages in some Israeli areas

I just realized that Microsoft is rolling out new bing sat images accross Israel.
For sure the most tiles
In my tested Cases the Images has been updated from Nov 2010 => Feb 2013.

some examples:

You can check the date of bing images by this online tool:

I still see November 2010 in the first area. Do you know how Microsoft’s process works? Maybe I’m missing some of the rollout?

I don’t have more information than you.
I was just looking on bing satimages realizing the new highway 9

You can see the new and old bing material very clearly.
In the north there a lot of areas with new images. But of course there are still places with images from 200x.

יש למישהו מושג אם אפשר להשיג תמונות מ:

The coverage is currently limited. See