New application for showing OSM walking routes

Hi All,

The past few months I have been working on a web app presenting OSM-walking routes and combing them in an attractive way with other valuable data sources such as Panoramio, Wikipedia and Google Earth. The first version is now available as a Beta in Dutch, see: I am very enthusiastic about the whole idea behind OpenStreetMap: OSM should become in my opinion the world theatre for mapping data if it not already has that status.

To compensate for the efforts I have invested in the app (time that could not be spent on directly earning money) I have added affiliate functionality to it. Proposing walking guides and hotels along the route is the way I have chosen for this. This choice also makes the app more interesting for its users. I realize that I am building further on a lot of work that has been done by the OpenStreetMap community. For this I want to thank you all. But this is not enough: I also intend to participate in further developments of OSM. I think of the following:

  • tweaking a simple OSM-editor to create and update walking routes (that are based on mostly existing ways). I posted yesterday about this in the editor sub forum;
  • improve information (tags and gaps in routes) on walking routes once I have selected a simple OSM-editor or built one;
  • help in lobbying to convince the Fédération Française de la Randonnée to make available the Grand Randonnées also in OSM;
  • help in stimulating other national walking federations to envision OSM as their mapping center in stead of maintaining or developing own solutions.

Progress depends all on time available, because I also have to provide for other means of income for my family. But I am a keen and public minded IT-professional and more over a long time walking enthusiast.

Best regards from Jan Wiepkema
Hikehopper, Holten, NL