New API for OSM


New API has been developed that provides easy access to Open Street Map geodatabase.
The API does not only provide you with the features but also gives you the ability to filter these features using buffer filtration technique.
Provide the API with the center point and radius, and all the requested POI’s within that buffer will be provided in JSON format.
I have created a demo on how to download restaurants, cafes and pubs that are within a 3000 meter radius from Stockholm central station.
Currently the API provides information within Sweden and Germany for the following categories (keys): Amenity, highway, historic, leisure, office, public transport, shop, sport and tourism. Node subcategories (values) for all the mentioned categories are available.
The development of API will be continued, and it will include buildings, lands, railways, roads, transport, waterway, population, regions, municipality borders, and much more.
The buffer radius is limited to max 3000 meter, if you need higher radius like 50 000 meter, then I need to give you a special API key. :slight_smile:


WOW! Nice work Omar. Could you publish a specification using
I would like to use this from Python.

It seems to be way faster than Overpass which is nice.

How often is the database updated?
Have you announced this on the talk list? If not I encourage you to do that also (only 39 people saw the video).