neue mapgen versionen 0.13 - 01.5

v0.15 (March 25th, 2010)
output format correction - size and resolution
* more intelligent way labeling: merging by name and type, splitting by direction on map
* faster area icon processing
* [-place] also accepts node id now
* v0.14 (rel Mar 20th, 2010)
ocean rendering
* lots of new icons and rules
* new module for rules
* [-pad] option to allow for borders in map, especially useful for islands
* [-allowiconmove] allows icons to be moved (with their labels) so they can avoid already occupied areas
* v0.13 (rel. Mar 13, 2010)
tagstat considers sub k/vs
* borders for ways
* remarks possible in style file
* scale for rules can be set separately
* tagstat now separately for nodes and ways
* more intelligent declutter - integrated solution for icons and labels, still excluding street/way labels