Neue Bing Bilder veröffentlicht

What about: Freiburg (Breisgau), Furtwangen, Villingen-Schwenningen, Tuttlingen?

Yes I have one updated today, just need a good place to post a JPEG, any suggestions?

Freiburg acquired July 26
Furtwangen and Villingen-Schwenningen acq Aug 1
Tuttlingen acq Aug 18

I can host it if you send it to me or you can just upload it here
After the upload, it provides you a forum link which you can copy and post here

Sprichst Du besser englisch als deutsch?

Maybe you are also the person to ask: Why are “you” (bing) blurring military areas and google does not? (if you can’t answer this question, it’s also ok - but we (OSM Germany) were just wondering…)

Brilliant - here is the updated status map:
Green is acquired, Yellow is being flown, Red to be acquired in Sept/Oct - weather permitting.

Ich spreche besser Englisch, ich bin Kanadier, sondern studierte Germanistik in der Schule.

That’s a better question for BKG; that is something out of our control.

Wow, great. Thanks a lot…so don’t need to cut the meadow tomorrow…you alread have the image. We never had a guy like you here so apologise if we are asking too many questions. I have another one (or two). Is there any plan to update the arial images in eastern and south east europe? And my second one, please don’t misunderstand me, how did you find the way to this forum?

Great so Germany is mostly done, “only” missing the Alpes, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westfalia.

Even greater. 19.August had over 35 degree celsius => no clouds :slight_smile:

No plans as of right now, but conditions could change in the future. I found this forum by way of research; I am working on something that could be of benefit to OSM community and wanted to understand the current pain points and issues. I happened to stumble upon this. I am not affiliated with bing, nor would this research/project I am working on.

2 more (technical) questions:
a) 15 cm - as planned for germany - has been abandoned, right?
b) when measuring the pixel width (in josm) I got nearly 40 cm. Do we really “loose” 10 cm through transformation process(es)?

A question I asked myself when trying to map ways in the woods: why don’t you fly in the winter when there are less leafs on the trees?

Because there’s snow? :wink:
If you look at the data sheet “snow free” is required (for usa).

Often it’s cloudy and also the sun is deep => very long shadows.

Shadows, and green…There are only some small windows where you can get the best images for tracing. For Bing they probably want “colored” images with forests in green, etc. They are not making the images for us, we would like images with no shadow, no clouds and no green on trees :wink:

That’s incorrect.
If you look at the datasheet “leaflet” is required for HVA regions.

Was ist falsch?

Das für spezielle Regionen Laubfreiheit eine Bedingung ist. Nur ist es halt sehr aufwändig, das für größere Flächen sicherzustellen, denn wie du schon sagst, der Zeitraum ist sehr begrenzt.

Ah, okay. Du hast immer mehrere Wünsche, die teils gegenläufig sind…natürliche Farben (belaubt), gute Sicht auf Objekte (unbelaubt). Dann hat man je nach Jahreszeit noch dunkle Schatten, die im Frühjahr und Herbst besonders dunkel werden können, zu berücksichtigen. Im Winter kann dann der Schnee spiegeln. Und Wolken will man ja nie haben.
All das schränkt das Zeitfenster ziemlich ein

a) correct you will only see that for a limited number of cities (4)
b) flight acq is always done at sub-30cm, with a true 30cm ortho ground sampling distance. Any changes to that would be from transformation i.e. to Web Mercator

Whatever this is, just ask. We are happy about any help.