Netherlands Local Chapter?

Is there a group working to apply to the OpenStreetMap Foundation to recognize Netherlands as a Local Chapter? I’m a member of the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group. We have a survey we are sending to all registered Local Chapters, those currently applying and those considering applying. We are looking for one person to respond for the community. If you know who that person is, please let me know.

LCCWG member

I joined just 2 years ago so I don’t feel I can speak for The Community or about possible earlier efforts. I think at this time there is no movement to form a Local Chapter for Nederland.
I personally think it would be a good thing if we had one, because talking to others (companies, operators) about e.g. the right to use data or contributing, they invariable want to know with whom they are making agreements. The answer “a varying bunch of self-appointed hobbyists” doesn’t seem very satisfying to the other parties.