Nepal statistics

Yesterday, 17.09.2014, there were the same number OSM Mapper active in India, Nepal and Australia :wink:
Try to activate your friends. Maybe you can be more?

The address has been changed:

Statistic for: 20.01.2015-03.02.2015 : About 6 active mappers daily.
Statistic after:04.02.2015 : over 20 mappers daily.

  1. February 2015:35 mappers daily.

20.01.2015-03.02.2015 added daily: less then 1000 points on the map.
15. February: 59777 points!

This means: Position 35 in the world country ranking list. Before it was less than 57 position in thw world ranking list.

India has position 29, but they have a little bit more citizens ;).

Yesterday there was more active user in Nepal than in China or India.
Nepal was in 19th position around the world.

Wonder happens.