If you go to and choose the “Places” view and zoom in on Israel, you can see a convenient map of neighborhoods. Some cities, like Jerusalem and Hadera, have a pretty complete set of neighborhoods already. Others, especially in the Merkaz, have almost no neighborhoods. Anyone who knows of neighborhoods there would be welcome to add them. It is really easy, you just create a point and add the tags “place=suburb”, “name=XXX”, “name:he=XXX”, “name:en=XXX” (replace XXX with appropriate value).

i have some mapping of neighborhood in SHP format in one or two cites is there way to upload it or i have to do it manually ?
Keep in mind that there may be preexisting neighborhoods, so try not to create duplicate data.
Also, if you got the files from someone else, verify that the licensing is OK.

I added neighbourhoods in Nesher, but I feel that points are not enough: due to the complicated topography, it will be clearer if neighbourhoods are added as areas with borders. Is it acceptable to add rough borders to the map from personal experience of growing up in Nesher, or must the borders come from an official source?

Personal experience is enough. If they are a little inaccurate, someone can fix them later. And I don’t think neighborhoods in general have official borders anyway :slight_smile:

It doesn’t have to come from official sources.

Fully agree with eric22. Your memory is a very good source :slight_smile: