Need to remove an address in California, Alameda


I have an issue:
There is a wrong non-existing address shows up on the openstreetmap: 19398 Stanton Place, Castro Valley, CA, 94546.
My Address is very close to that address in wording, so 50% of delivery to my place goes to that non-existing address.

My Address is 19398 Stanton Ave, Castro Valley, CA, 94546 the difference “Place” (wrong) and “Ave” (correct).

The “Place” address have to be deleted - there is no such house at all. “Ave” address currently shown in the correct location, no changes needed.

I tried to edit it with editing tool - it is not possible. If I search pin shows up in the correct place, but when I edit - only the road nearby is editable.

Please be more specific.
What are the coordinates?
What editing tool did you try?
If you say “it is not possible” - what was the error message, or what makes you think it is not possible?

Also, please understand that bluntly removing something that YOU consider incorrect would be quite rude. The correct approach is to find out who added it to our database, get in touch with that person, and discuss. The conclusion of the discussion can then be applied to our database. Blunt removal can easily lead to edit wars - which we do not want, obviously.

Hi @Dimaman123

I took a look at the OSM data but nothing appears to be incorrect - unless someone already made some very recent fixes.

Your house is properly listed as Stanton AVENUE. I do see the adjacent road named Stanton PLACE that you are referring to, but there are no houses on this street with the 19398 house address. So all routers should be directing them to the correct building. I also looked at Google Maps (just in case) and they have everything correct as well. I’m sure it is very frustrating for you, but my conclusion is that the fault lies with the delivery people because, if I understand the problem correctly, the map data appears accurate.