Need to find proper libraries for my android app

Hi guys, Here is what I have in my mind:

  • There is a ~40GB compressed XML file on the host of OSM, I want to have separate downloadable files on my website for each city, so one shouldn’t download whole country’s database. However I guess I should include freeways and outskirts of a city, and it will probably have common areas if one wants to download two nearby cities, so it should understand and won’t download what is already available.
  • No need to download further information for routing. The routing information should be included
  • I want to add extra information about a point on the map (either text or image), and they should be dynamic, so it shows metro schedule and the next train, or current problems on route or certain location online.
  • I want to add traffic information, and include it in routing.
    If it is possible I want to add multiple condition for routing, e.g. one can say how can I go to X and have a Gas station, bank and… in my way with minimum traffic base on the hour.
  • I haven’t worked with OSM APIs, so I don’t know what they can do… which would work together better, and where should I implement my own codes. I read, but there where little information about each APIs and it would be nice to see a lot of sample codes so I can get ideas from them, there are only a simple project with each API, not a compilation of them.

PS1: The above requirements were what is ideal for me, please tell me which is possible now.
PS2: I am looking for a collection of sample projects, if there is, so it would help me to figure out what is what!
PS3: I know it might not be developed, but I want to know how close I can get.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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