Need to develop[ commercial mapping / routing PC software

Hello there, I am brand new to openstreetmap, looks like a great project. I am seeking to release an inexpensive commercial mapping & distance product for PC. Looking to package this as a very inexpensive product for users, basic functionality required includes locating city / state locations (street Address level not needed) Need to be able to provide user with route and distance between multiple city locations and solve “traveling salesman” routing problems. also should display locations on map. want this packaged to sell very inexpensive to user as a CD to install on their PC or linux.

I was thinking somebody on this board had already put something together opensource and I need somebody to put it all together so a user can easily launch on their PC. I can provide specific details as to requirements, but for now just seeing what suggestions anybody can provide. I haven’t estimated a budget yet, so am just getting an idea of ballpark dollar figure, if you take parts of open source projects I will make a donation to each project used. Primary customers are in USA and Canada , but street level mapping is not required (just cities)

Thanks much for your time & ask any more questions you may need.
I know there are products such as “Microsoft Streets and Trips” that sell for about $35 USD, the only reason I am considering putting this together is because it will be part of a bundle of software that I sell to business, and have had request for it. Just checking on possibly somebody on here already had something put together, or would want to put something together

thanks again…

Hello, is it still actual?