Need someone to explain PicLayer to me

I would like to add features to a building that’s partly in OSM. Unfortunately when I try to overlay architecture plans over the building, it’s way off. I am absolutly new to JOSM and have difficulties using it (and PicLayer). Possibily I’m using the wrong projection mode, but JOSM/the plugin crashes when changing it.

Would apreciate any help. If possible via Skype. Would be nice to get an email ( to arrange a Skype call.


You need to click on ‘active the selected layer’ in Layers box.


thank you for the answer. I guess I haven’t expressed myself clearly. Sorry.
When I try to overlay the Image on the OSM data and create the Points, the Image is positioned visually correct on one side but on the other side it’s way off. Changing the location of the points makes it better on one side and worse on the other. Any idea?

P.S.: Sorry for the bad spelling, this Auto correction in Windows trying to force German Standards on English texts…

Check this link
I hope you can find from here which are your looking.