Need help correcting the mouth of a river

I need help correcting the mouth of a river. I thought I did it just fine, but have a look at in Osmarender. So, if you know how to correct this issue, feel free to help. Thanks in advance.


Looks perfect to me.

4 Options

  1. It hadn’t updated when you posted but now has
  2. You need to fully refresh the page. shift/refresh.
  3. I can’t see the problem you talking about.
  4. Someones already fixed it and hasn’t posted about it.

Yeah that looks really cool, damn Africa is big… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input. The lower part of the river seems fine now, but the upper part looks a bit strange in Mapnik. It seems fine in Osmarender, even though the river islands don´t render.
Way 30116030 and 30097659 (riverbank) and not closed areas. I bet there are more like this.

I am not sure of how to edit the river correctly and I would be grateful if someone could help out with a small part of it to show the right way of doing it. Then, I could do the rest.

I’ve corrected way 30116030. Take a look, if this works for you.

Also (AFAIK) riverbanks should’n have a name-attribute. I’ve added a way waterway=river;name=Kagera River.