Need Help correcting lake

Hello! There is this large lake (Gangapur Baandh Sagar) near Nashik, India which needs correction. I have drawn a fresh lake becaue I doidnt know how to connect the older disconnected nodes. Can someone help fix this please.

What are you intending to do? The old lake looks good, just the shape needs a little correction.

at a certain zoom (in) level, the lake doesnt show. it only shows when you zoom out.

the lake multipolygon was broken, i fixed it. the lake shown when you zoom out still was the old lake - the tiles do not get rendered in real time. I changed it from natural=water to landuse=reservoir too. i think it’s better if you delete your waterway=dam lines (should be landuse=reservoir for the waterbody and dam only for the actual dam itself) and change the older data instead.