need groups of mappers

hi everyone!
is there someone of you who knows some groups of mappers?
if you discover them please let me have the link :slight_smile:
have a nice day

Sind Harald und ich schon eine Gruppe? Dann Willkommen im Forum!

Just as a hint to the OT: Please not that all these user group lists like the one at

are often partially outdated; there is neither any guarantee that all groups listed/displayed there still exist, nor that all groups existing today are included.

If you look specifically for norway there’s a swedish mailing list at .

Also, Skinfaxi in this forum maps in sweden.

I don’t know for norway.

Pascal Neis’ “Who’s around me?” at may give you a starting point on who may be active in your area. You can then connect to them directly via OpenStreetMap direct message.