Need Advice: Entering route and correcting tiger data

I’m new to openstreetmap, and I have several gpx traces from a recent drive that I would like to enter into the project.

One of the roads I’m adding has TIGER data for about half of it (didn’t realize it until I got to that part of the road), but it isn’t very accurately placed. How should I deal with this? Should I join my route to the TIGER route and edit the TIGER data? Or should I draw over it? (using josm editor for reference).

Also, because a significant section of what I’m uploading has no data at present, I would appreciate it if someone could have a look over what I’ve done to make sure I’ve entered things correctly. What’s the best way to have someone review this before I upload it?

Last question: Does it matter which direction the route goes? The arrows are pointing south/east, but I don’t see any way to make it “non-directional”.


Welcome :slight_smile:

It is a known issue with the tiger data that it is somewhat inaccurate. Best thing to do is to draw a new road for the sections where TIGER is missing, connect it to the TIGER at some point and correct the position of the TIGER ways where applicable.

I’m not sure how comprehensive the TIGER data is, but it seems quite possible to me that it does not have 100% coverage. So please enter your new data. Because OSM behaves like a wiki, someone will correct your data one day when it appears to be wrong afterall. You can also add an FIXME=“I’m not sure I’ve mapped this correctly” (or something in that direction) tag to your data.

The direction (orientation) only matters in case of oneway streets, roundabouts or highway lanes where the way orientation and the oneway tag combined define the allowed driving direction.

When I drove the route, roads existed on the map (using Maemo mapper on Nokia N810), but there is no data for them when editing JOSM? How does a road show up on the map when there is no data for it? Is JOSM not getting it for some reason?

There are a couple of situations I can think of to explain this:
a) someone deleted the roads between the moment the data used for the map was exported and the moment you downloaded the data in JOSM. You can check this using the online editor to press ‘H’ (history) when zoomed in that area. Deleted ways should then show up and you can choose to undelete them (click the ‘lock’ symbol afaik).
b) JOSM does not download ways outside the current view when you start to download. So you might want to try again zoomed out a bit further.

Ah, it was a bounding box issue. Hmm, it’s a bit hard to download what I want without cluttering the screen.

EDIT: Is this going to be a problem when uploading it as well?

Also, does JOSM only upload the diffs?

There’s little you can do about that besides downloading multiple small areas alongside your driven route.

No, everything you add or change will be uploaded regardless of bounding boxes.

Yes, sort of, it uploads only the changed objects.