Need a sandbox

When entering mapping data and tags, I sometimes wonder how the result will appear on the final map. And waiting one week to see the result seems too long: I may take wrong decisions (for mapping Car Parks, for instance), and finally I would have to modify all the tags I entered.

Would it be useful / possible to have a small sandbox that would be updated daily?
Just a small zone of 10 square kilometer… It would be enough!

Isn’t the InformationFreeway website good enough for you or do you insist on Mapnik rendering over Osmarender? (Zoom in to level 12 and request a rerender of your area and come back about 10 min. to 1 hour later).

Yes, indeed, Informationfreeway may fit to my needs.
I didn’t know it was so frequently refreshed, but cleaning my cache helped to see it took into account SOME of my yesterday’s modifications.

(by the way, it took into account SOME modifications, but not others done one mile away in the same city at the same time). I added underground parkings, streets (both taken into account) and underground paths to go to the railway, and these ones were not updated. I’ll look at it again later or tomorrow)

And by the way also, I’m missing some “official” information about Informationfreeway: what is it? How frequently is it updated? Why is the update frequency different from the OSM one (I thought calculation was long)?

InformationFreeway allows you to update on-demand that’s why it can be so fast. Once you’ve uploaded your data to the server you go to zoomlevel 12 on the map and request a re-render of that area. The Tiles@Home infrastructure (named after the Seti@Home) will then try to render that area as quickly as possible.