Nearly there, but where from here ....

Hello all,

I am caught up in the learning process of it all but here is what I have figured out.

  1. I load my tracks into JOSM and label them
  2. I save the resulting osm file.
  3. Use osm2pgsql to import into my database
  4. Use mapnik to render the tiles

Here is where I am stuck, How to I get openlayers to use my tiles? What pieces am I missing?

Do I need to use Tilecache or something, can I just copy my generated tiles to my webserver and use them? The Openlayers documentation is not overly clear to me. Is there an openlayer example of using local tiles that someone can point me to?

Warm Regards,

Joe Hildreth


This is how does it. Look at the source for more info.

    layerTilesAtHome = new OpenLayers.Layer.TMS( 
        "tiles@home (direct)", 
        ["", "", ""],
        {type:'png', getURL: get_osm_url, displayOutsideMaxExtent: true }, {'buffer':1} );


If you use the “” script, then the contents of the “tile dire” is what you get b going to “