[Navit] Translators wanted

Hi community!
Beside other persons, I joined the Navit project so hopefully we will get a good navigation application that shows what you can get out of the OSM data

Currently, we started a call for participation, to get new translators to the project, that help us to keep the translations up to date:

We like esp. to polish the major languages for every release, but of course, every contribution to every language is welcome :slight_smile:

What about making an entry about Navit in the OSM wiki about http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Translation ?

See the bottom of that wiki page (needs a clean-up?) about OSM related Projects that use web-based translation services.

If anyone knows even more OSM software using those online tools, don’t hesitate to name them here or in the wiki.

Thanks for the hint stephan. Navit is already listed, but I added some more links :slight_smile: