Navit looks for Android devs

some of you might know Navit already. Beside Osmand, it’s one of the very few opensource navigation tools, that offer offline map features and nice things like voice output etc. But it started already years before OSM came up and thus, there are still a lot of old school features and services supported. Oh and because in 2005 there wasn’t anything like a real smartphones, we are very crossplattform on mobile (*nix, WinCE, iOS, Android, …) and on Notebooks, too.

Currently the team is looking for new devs, that might help to disburden our maintainer and to assist on implementing new features etc. on our Android port.
So if you are familar with OSM and Android development and you like to help to bring this great source of geodata right to the endusers, please give me a ping!

P.S of course we are still looking for all other kind of devs that like coding in C on Linux and Win and on embedded systems :slight_smile: