Navit: attribution?

It looks to me like the Navit car navigation system isn’t meeting OSM’s attribution requirements. The screenshots gallery shows no attribution for OSM, and the Navit :: Planet Extractor extraction tool is using a slippy map with no attribution.

Anyone else think that this is substantial?

I recommend to try any contact via the Navit own forum or its github page,

or try

I don’t use it (yet), but it seems they distribute the software without maps, and then you have to download the map from other page.
They can use maps from other sources, like Garmin, so maybe it’s ok that hre gallery shows no attribution.

Maybe the lack of attribution is in the download page, not in the software itself.

Mentioning it here is supposed to be part of the “Lacking Proper Attribution” workflow. That’s why I did. Seems like it is substantial and pervasive.