Navigation rules for water sports

I can’t find a feature for navigation rules for water sports. I want to mark an area where ships are not allowed to sail.

Kann ich Befahrensregelung für Schifffahrt einzeichnen? Ich habe kein feature gefunden.

I would look at although I suspect there are not many uses.

Note that ship would not cover a boat being used to tow a water-skier. That would be classified as a boat.

Would it be like this?

No. That is using name to contain meta-data, which is always wrong. It’s also got no main tag.

One really needs to find examples, and you should wait for other opinions, but I think that you will need to create the intersections of all the other elements with the exclusion area and, individually tag them as boat=no.

Perhaps, this is something more suitable for OpenSeaMap ? They share the same database with OpenStreetMap, but have e.g. their own forum.