Navigating to a map area

Heres my situation: Due to poor planning on my part, I have a single GPX file that contains traces of trails in 2 areas separated by about 30 miles. When I select the GPX for editing it takes me to the first set of points. If I search for the second area, the GPX info disappears. Is there a way to tell Potlatch NOT to zoom to the first point and stay where I put it prior to bringing up the traces?

Can’t you seperate the two parts of your track with an other program, such as easy gps or mapsource (if your gps is a garmin)?

Garmin yes. I’ll gjive it a try. Why cant I search for the second area. or does potlatch not import the later points?

Have you already tried to load the GPX file in one of the offline editors like Merkaartor or JOSM? Maybe the track is displayed there in a better way?

(see for more info)

You can edit GPX files with a simple text editor. It’s not that difficult. There might be already two segments delimited by:


Or have a look here Editing GPX Tracks.