navigating a route relation with osmand

How can I turn a relation into a gpx with navigation instructions?

I tried to download the full xml and convert to gpx then put on my android and when I run it with osmand it turns a route of 12.8km into 400km+?
The route relation is perfect in osm I just need navigation instructions so I tried converting the xml into gpx with different programs but nothing works.

I need to follow the exact path of the bus routes.

I recommend to ask in the Osmand googlegroup forum:!forum/osmand

When I use I get a GPX that looks fine on OsmAnd and navigation indicates its 12.8 km long

This is the same service that is offered, e.g. on to create the GPX tracks

I’m not sure though that OsmAnd can give the same type of spoken instructions for a GPX-file as it would compute a route itself.