"Native Lands" map

Saw mention of https://native-land.ca/ in yesterday’s Weekly OSM News, & wondering a bit about it, where they may have sourced their information, & how it’s being displayed?

As you can see, their map is marked :copyright: Mapbox & :copyright: OpenStreetMap, but I can’t see anything in OSM itself for the locations shown for the various groups.

I don’t know about every else, but for Australia, the only country-wide source for Indigenous Nations and their languages is copyright. The site also gives links for each group and says to contact them to verify e.g. Native-Land.ca | Our home on native land, but the site that that then links to https://www.yugam.be/, is also copyright.

So, is this an issue, & if so, who’s?

Their map shows OSM, but it doesn’t appear the data listed is actually in OSM? Mapbox perhaps, but I thought they only displayed OSM data? & if this was all in OSM, it would probably have to be reverted as an undiscussed Worldwide import from an unauthorised source.

So, again, is it a problem, or am I just reading too much into it? :thinking:


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I do not see a problem for OSM here. The map may be based on OSM data somehow but the overlay with territories, languages and treaties is created by Native Land Digital and not linked to the OSM database as far as I understand. If there is any copyright issue here it should affect Native Land Digital and not OSM imho.