Native English speaker needed

We need the help of a native English speaker for a new tag-value: How would you call a person who comes to an emergency ward on its own / not in an ambulance?
See this wiki-talk.

Depending on exactly what you want to convey, “Ambulatory_patient”, “New_ambulatory_patient”, or “Walk_in_patient”. “Ambulatory” emphasises that the person is able to move around on their own (walk or roll) but doesn’t by itself imply a new patient or an emergency-dept patient, “Walk_in” is an idiom indicating that the person came in without prior notice, and implies both a new patient and (to some extent) one who came in by themselves, alone, without family, friends, or other support.

Good suggestions from Niemand. A possible slightly more formal way of saying ‘walk-in’ might be ‘self-referred’.

I recall seeing “Ambulatory Entrance” signs at emergency room entrances in hospitals I’ve visited. And in the volunteer first responder work I do we refer to people who come to us as “walk ins” (as opposed to those we transport into our aid room).

But I suspect that those terms if not U.S. specific may be regional and would not hazard a guess on the U.K. English usage.

So, what about a tagging with:


emergency_ward_entrance=walk_in: only for private persons (optional)
emergency_ward_entrance=rescue_service: only for rescue service (optional)


“entrance=walk-in: only for individuals” would be a better choice. “Private persons” has a different connotation in English (Can/US at least) than in German. It refers to people who avoid talking about themselves and their lives.

And I’d suggest “entrance=ambulance: for emergency-service vehicles”

If I’d been asked about the entrances, it’s only really the ambulance entrance which is special. I’d actually treat the other entrance (where ambulatory potential patients enter) as just the main entrance. Remember plenty of people end up at A&E (Accident & Emergency, you’re not going to get me using these Americanisms :wink: ) who have had referrals from GPs or the non-hospital emergency service (cant remember what these are tagged as but was discussed on IRC recently) as well as self-referrals. Also patients may be accompanied by relatives, friends etc, and I suspect it’s the entrance which is used by other staff, plus visitors to see hospital staff too.

I like the entrance=ambulance & will use shortly. At least in my local hospital there’s also an ambulance entrance for the maternity wards, and at least two places which are exits for patients leaving in an ambulance. I quite agree that accurate location of these is useful as I have had to pick my mother up after surgery & day surgery a couple of times and navigating the hospital campus by car is quite challenging!

Thanks for the answers!

Please state, whether you prefer emergency_ward_entrance=rescue_service or emergency_ward_entrance=ambulance.