National roads in Crete, especially EO99

I’m mapping a bit after my vacation in Crete and stumbled across the EO99 National Highway in Crete.

It is currently mapped from Heraklion to Knossos but the OSM-Wiki says its going from Heraklion to Arkalochori (also Wikipedia btw).

I would say that correct EO99 is this one, cause its big, well maintained, and the local street signs route you over this road, when driving from Arkalochori to Heraklion.

I dont understand any Greek so its hard to find additional information about the National roads, can anybody help me? Which is the correct EO99?


Legally, it’s Heraklion to Knossos for ΕΟ99. What is worse that National Roads and Provincial Roads are nearly never signed, which has lead to a massive nightmare for me* and JayCBR.

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Ah, thanks for the clarification!
There are actually two osmwiki entries for Greek national roads. This one ( which is a bit outdated (last change was made in 08.2015) and the one you posted (

you go to and browse through the topics, if there are other articles please mark for deletion. You can find detailed maps of national and provincial roads in,3865389.0728,880250.9903,4623632.3799&width=1000&height=550&srs=EPSG:2100&format=application/openlayers. The road Irakleio - Arkalochori does not belong yet in national or provincial network (it is labeled secondary because of destinations).
EO99 belongs to tertiary national network (secondary road) and ends legally in Knossos. After that becomes provincial road 9130 which ends in Charakas. If you like to help you could map incomplete provincial roads after consulting the wiki and the above link.