National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

I want to download ESZ-notifications from ENVIS. I have to sign up, but that seems not to function. Passwords like „Qwertzu1234()=?“ are not good enough.

Does anybody know, how to download the data?

ENVIS now offers new summary lists. But the downloads of ESZ notifications is still not possible.
I tried to get in contact with ENVIS by email. We will see what happens.

I tried several times to get into contact with ENVIS. But I did not get any answer.
On their web-page, ENVIS says, they will :
„Respond to user queries by supplying substantive information in the form of published reports, documents, extracts, research papers and other unpublished and analysed information as far as possible“

It seems this are only nice words, the reality is different.

I am able to login and download now.

Which all documents are required ?

I mapped all NPs and WLSs (except in Kerala) where I could find the ESZ notifications elsewhere (see wiki).
That means missing are 10 NPs and a lot of WLS.