National Park roads - Toll, or not ?

You know those roads that run through the National Parks, where as Farangs, we get charged the 200 baht to ride them …
Well does that make them toll roads ?
And by definition, any other roads where you can only access after the check point, are they toll too ?

I suggest the main roads get the toll tag, but we ignore the others ? Agreed ?

Well, technically, the toll is for entry into the park, not for using the roads, but I don’t think there’s much practical difference there. Ideally, we should also be able to distinguish between the fees for persons vs the additional fee for vehicles.

Personally, I think it’d be much easier if the toll=* key could be placed on the appropriate barrier=toll_booth nodes instead of it having to be on all sections of roads that are beyond the booth (this would make tagging motorways much easier). The tag is far too established to expect a change, though.

Edited: typo

I tag only the gate as barrier=toll_booth because I believe it is an entry fee you’re paying rather than a fee for using the roads inside the park. Also, because it is explicitly tagged as a toll booth, one can correctly assume payment is required to pass it.

Perhaps tagging the roads inside with access=customers would be helpful, I don’t know.


That is correct. Doi Inthanon N.P comes to mind. If you’re driving through you pay nothing. It makes it hard to put a value on the access tag. Is it access=customers, access=destination or access=permissive? None of those really work. Making up a new tag is easy, maybe access=conditional or something similar, but then you would need additional new tags to define the conditions. And how will it end up in our derived maps in any meaningful way?


LOL. Unless you happen to have a Thai driver’s license!