National Cycle Network for GIS

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a UK cyclemap in QGIS. It isn’t for print or publication, just to act as my own resource to play around with.

I would like to add the National Cycle Network routes but can’t find where the complete dataset can be downloaded from. The data appears to have been plotted and you can view the map here . Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it can be downloaded from there.

I tried adding the standard OSM data and using a definition query to isolate cycleways however what is left is a quite incoherent jumble of various bits of cycling infrastructure. It doesn’t look like NCN routes have been identified anywhere in the attribute table.

Any help will be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Try or

NCN routes are generally defined with route relations. Filtering just on way tags won’t get you the routes. Afraid I don’t know how you get QGIS to understand this.

thanks ligfietser. is a decent resource. I cant see a bulk export option so i’m having to download the .kml’s one at a time. Its a pretty straightforward workflow to get them into QGIS and add into a database.