Naming junctions

What is the right way to tag and name road junctions/circles/roundabouts?

highway=motorway_junction ?

My understanding has been that motorway junctions in OSM are those on high speed roads, often removing the need for the drivers to stop at any time in joining the other roads. As in the photograph at the page which shows a more complex one. They are usually the only ways to get on and off that road and are the main landmarks or the only landmarks on that road.

Other types of junctions, including roundabouts or traffic circles, mini roundabouts, et.c., are listed under in the wiki under junctions. A junction need not be specifically tagged of course, since by definition any point where two roads meet is is a junction. Of course if it has a name, then the junction node can always be named as ‘name=xxx’ whether it is otherwise tagged or not.

But junction names are useful on a map… Especially in a country like India. So the norn is just a name and no tag then>??

Of course without a tag it would not be rendered, so really it is then only useful to editors. Looking in the wiki it says to use ‘junction=yes’, and that this should be rendered and shown.

I know I’ve removed some motorway junction tags, I’ll have to to change them to this in future.

I’ll start replacing the tags… How does it render though?

Seoul, and Korea generally has a lot of named junctions, all tagged junction=yes.

These seem to be displayed to the same zoom levels as roads. Of course it is up to the renderer how to display them.